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Crystal Hanner

Certified Professional Midwife

Home birth midwife, Crystal Hanner, believes that birth is a deeply personal and sacred space in the life of a family.  It is her desire to provide care and support for families in this sacred space.  

Crystal became interested in pregnancy and birth after having her first child in 1990. Her personal birth journey was the most empowering experience she had ever had and her desire to learn more was born. She began supporting friends and family members through their own labors and births. Soon she started assisting a home birth midwife. 

After raising her four children, Crystal earned a degree in midwifery at Midwives College of Utah. The clinical portion of her degree was completed through the apprenticeship model under both a local Certified Professional Midwife and a Licensed Midwife-owned birth center in Utah.

Empowered families are the foundation of strong villages!