Birth Supplies

Your birth kit is included in your global care fee. We bring the birth kit to your home for a visit around 37 weeks.

Additional Supplies:

Please have these additional items ready for birth.

  • Box of trash bags

  • 2 large bowls – 1 for placenta, 1 if needed for vomit

  • Padsicles (Recipe)

  • Roll of paper towels (preferably Viva)

  • Box of maxi-size sanitary napkins

  • At least 6 towels

  • At least 4 washcloths

  • Diapers for baby

  • 2 bottles hydrogen peroxide for laundry or cleaning up blood spots

  • Thermometer

Water birth Supplies:

  • New garden hose

  • Faucet adapter

  • Pool and liner

  • Tarp to put under pool

  • Fish net to remove organic matter from pool

Preparing Your Bed For Birth:

When you think you are in labor make your bed by putting the sheets you want for postpartum on first. Next,  put a waterproof mattress protector (2 cheap shower curtains work fine). After that, put the sheets you don’t mind getting soiled by birth.  It is a good idea to put kitchen trash bags over pillows and place a pillowcase on top to protect them.  After your birth, we will strip the soiled sheets off your bed while you are in the shower. A clean bed will be ready for you and your baby to rest in.